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Monday, June 14, 2004

Movie Star Phenomenon

I can't believe a person like me at my age would still be into movie personalities (esp. when they have real personalities, hehe) and still be a victim of media mind conditioning. As most of you know, I like Orlando Bloom a lot. But it seems like he's everywhere now. I also like Paddy Considine and Keira Knightley. I feel like a teenager all over again when I used to have Johnny Depp and River Phoenix on my school binder and closet doors in my bedroom. And of course, don't forget Keanu Reeves when he was still doing those Disney movies. Haha! At the same time, I was idolizing Winona Ryder. It was always about the cool, not pretty. This was also the time when Uma Thruman was still so young and I thought she was cool then. I'm glad she's one of the IT girls now, together with Lindsey Lohan. Yes, I was never really a Brad Pitt or Colin Farrell kind of person. Orlando is the guy, just like Johnnny Depp's appeal, but cuter. Live on Legolas!


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