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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Ronald Reagan

I was watching his burial last night. Can't believe that the President of the 80's is gone. He was almost my grandma's age, just 2 years older. It reminded me of my grandpa's burial. He was a World War 2 Vet. And they gave him a very solemn and nice service in the National Cemetery in Washington, with gun shots and all. When one of the soldiers gave Nancy Reagan the folded flag that was on top of his casket, it reminded me of when one veteran soldier gave Lolo's flag to Lola. Such an honor. And she was crying. I am proud of my grandpa. I didn't know much about him even though I lived with him all my life. He was quiet and into himself most of the time, but he was always cracking up with his jokes and one-liners. Even in the gravest of times, he would humour us. I love you Lolo wherever you are right now.


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