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Monday, June 28, 2004

Wedding Day

The big day has finally arrived and gone. Al and I were so stressed last Thursday and Friday with preparations and taking care of family coming in from different states. We woke up very early Saturday morning so we can start travelling north and get ready. I went to the parlor and they layered my hair. I even saw Jep's friend, Feli, getting her hair styled and curled. Well, she saw me first as I wasn't really wearing my glasses. My cousins from LA, Michelle and Melodie fixed me up with curly hair and makeup (thanks to MAC) while I changed in their hotel room. They had a good deal for their Marriot room because her son, my cuz Marv gets 50% off. Anywayz, The church was nice, perfect for the wedding. Our Lady of Lourdes church overlooks Lake Merritt and the size was big enough for a small crowd making it more intimate, but not too small. As soon as your enter the church, you will see a pipe organ in front and chairs around the altar. One of the highlights was the wedding singer when he sang Ave Maria. I wanted to cry. Others wanted to give him a standing ovation as we all got goosebumps. Another highlight was the Christening of Camila, my new niece (see picture below). She looks like Jep. A lot of people say she looks like me when I was a baby, I am flattered. And it seems that she got my good nature because she never really cried, even when family was passing her around. She only cried when she the priest poured holy water on her head. Everybody said I looked beautiful. Nikki really made my day when she looked at me befor the entourage marched in the church and said that I was beautiful. I was down at that moment because Al and I had a major accident in front of the church (details above). But she looked at me intensely and said those words which lifted my spirits. And you know, kids don't lie, hehehe. I love my niece so much! She is also the beautiful flower girl of the wedding. Brandon did not march (go figure). I was just happy to see my whole family. It was wierd having both my mom and dad in the same room because they are mortal enemies. But I was glad to hear`that if it weren't for Jep's wedding, some families would not be reunited and some family rivalries would not be resolved. I was especially glad to see Jomar, a nephew that I have not seen for a long time. He is sooo grown up! Then of course, my grandma who gave us a hard time the day before the wedding because she disliked her dress and shoes. But everything was well and she was just blooming at her age. I love her so much! And other families as well that I have never met, especially on my dad's side. never even knew that I had a grandpa in Union City! And he is still alive! Oh my gosh! I can go on with the details of the wedding (I wish I could show you the video) but it might take forever. As for the reception, the highlight, of course, was the dance battle between Nikki and Ziljian versus Cian and Vince. Everybody was so entertained. And for the food, Kuya Jon bought lechon!

Looks like a model for Anne Geddes!


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