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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wedding Shopping

Okay, I must admit. I've been shopping lately in the mall, my nemesis. But don't tell anybody, shhh...I have a good excuse though. I needed to dress up for my brother's church wedding since I will be putting on the veil on the couple. I found my dress (finally) at the Jessica McClintock outlet store in SSF. Yes, I now own a designer gown (how embarrassing). Its a long and nice light pink, off shoulder, chiffon gown that fitted me perfectly. I also bought a light pink shawl to go with it (to cover my flabs on my arms, hehe). It was shockingly inexpensive (compared to the original price and less than a hundred). I also set off to Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo, since my workplace was close by. I have found my shoe for the dress, a nice light pink, 2-inch heel strappy sandal. Very elegant and trendy (since the in-color is pink for this summer). Gosh, and pinks of different shades were everywhere in the mall (btw, I'm not a pink person, more like a baby blue). I think they are trying to set the pretty in pink style of the 80's. Even the accessories that I see were 80's style. I recently bough Nikki a black sleeve-less top with a pink flower and a diagonally-striped pink and black skirt to go with it. Its funny how my cell phone face plate is also in light pink (coincidence). Anyway, I also bought a pink poncho to wear for the reception with black pants and the pink sandal but I'm still deciding. I am happy. Tried it on last night and its perfect. Now I have to worry about contacts, a white purse, jewelry on my neck and how to fix my hair (which I colored from brown with red highlights to a jet black the other day). As I was contemplating on my day, I keep wondering on how everything fell into place. The gown, the sandal and the poncho were the last items remaining in the stores that I bought from. How amazing...


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