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Friday, July 09, 2004

False Alarm

We got home late yesterday since Al and I had dinner at Jollibee in DC (been craving for that good 'ol Filipino spaghetti). When we parked, a police car was speedily parking in front of us.

Cop: Do you guys live here?
Me: Yes. Why, what happened?
Cop: Your alarm went off. Check if anybody's home or if there's a burglar.

I opened to door in fear, opened the lights, and turned off the house alarm. Mr. cop was walking around checking the house with his heavy duty flashlight. He was so cute! Anywayz, I went upstairs to check if things are in order and discovered that my sis-in-law's parents were in their room and just got home. He thought they turned off the alarm. Oops! Mr. cute cop had to leave then. Too bad! When Kuya Jon came home, we were all talking about it and how much we have to pay for that false alarm. But one things for sure, the response was quick! It made us feel more secure. After all the commotion, we all talked about going to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for the weekend. Cool!


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