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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Graduation Day

Today was Liz's grad day which was held at Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. I can't believe she's done already! It seems so fast! Al and I were late because we had to wait for the bank to open at 10 am and the grad was at the same time! We also bought flowers and balloons. When we got there, they would not let us in because we were late. I was furious because we had tickets and they would not accommodate us. So I called Kuya Jon and we snuck in at the back. Another lady was there and she said that I could not bring the balloon we bought for Liz. They said to leave it in this room. I video taped the event and we all screamed for Liz, happy for her accomplishment. I went down to sneak into the ground floor were all the grads were seated. I was looking for the balloon and it was gone! After the ceremony, we all ate at Todai in Pleasanton to celebrate. Yummy!


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