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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Harold and Kumar

Yup, that's what Al and I did today. We watched the movie because we wanted to support a mainstream movie that casts Asian Americans as lead roles. And we all know that Asian Americans are an invisible minority in media. But social consciousness has changed over the years and society is slowly becoming more tolerant of other races. Although the story is about potheads (go figure), the movie surprisingly takes us away from the perpetrated stereotypical impression of Asian American males as feminine, weak and anal retentive. It also reinforces the idea that Asian Americans are just like any other typical American. Its sad how sometimes we are perceived differently because of the color of our skin. Reverse mind-conditioning? Perhaps. Although it may seem like another dumb movie, it actually had the guts to dish out the existence of discrimination with other races as well, something that is often ignored in a lot of movies. I just wish there were more meaningful and though-provoking but funny conversations in the movie.

After the movie, we walked in the mall (we even saw Kuya Leslie, Ate Yoli and family at Fun Factory), Al bought me some clothes for summer at Old Navy as an anniversary gift (a nice reddish halter top and low waist capris with strings at the bottom), did some grocery shopping at Safeway, and passed by Best Buy to buy the Pieces of April DVD (staring Katie Holmes in a new cool persona) for $9.99. Isn't that a good deal?


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