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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Harry Potter Cameo?

A little news from Al - he said that in the next Harry Potter installment, Ian Brown of the Stone Roses is making a cameo appearance. Woohoo! I am a big fan of his, and of John Squire. Al also mentioned that Google is selling their stocks at $108-135 a share. Oh and that my brain is gonna explode at work after finishing an assigned project today! Hehe, I had to vent 'ya know. But I am proud of my accomplishment and it feels good! But I just wish that after all that hard work and long commute, I could go home to a nice and cool place. But noooo, as usual, it's hot in Tracy! A client of mine also called me to create some collateral for them. I promised them that  I will have it ready this weekend. And I also have a pending freelance project to format a whole novel manuscript. The author called me just yesterday asking me a timeframe. I will need reinforcements (that means I will need Al's assistance). Anyway, at least I went home to a loving niece, Nikki, who gave me a bag of my fave snack, Munchos, and said that she bought it for me after winning a $5 bet with her dad. How sweet of her to think of me! Love that gurl!


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