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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Honey Mustard

Yes, I am obsessed with honey mustard. But first, a thought. In my lifetime, I have been close and comfortable to numerous people of different races. That includes people from India or Indian Americans. I had a Iranian buddy when I was 16 who taught me some piano techniques and was in my study group in college chemistry. Then there was my Indian friend Anita who was my partner in crime in my multimedia classes at Cal State Hayward. We did projects together, took the same classes and went out a couple of times. Now at work, I met the coolest Indian of all, Rajini. She is sooo smart that she has a Master degree in Computer Engineering. We have the same job, but she was a month ahead of me in hiring date though. I learn a lot from her, especially about work. She also brought me to my first Indaian buffet and showed me the ropes (and food of course!)  Today she gave me some cake that she baked and it was good! How nice! She also taught me how to make espresso at work. So now, I can have gourmet coffee every single morning at work (aside from my free soda and hot chocolate everyday). I love my job. Their cafeteria called Bon Appetite also serves good gourmet food at cheap prices. The chef cooks me breakfast the way I want it and whatever I like, even french toast or belgian waffles. This past weeks, I have been craving and eating their salads from the salad bar. I just love their honey dijon dressing. I have gone gaga over honey mustard. Years ago, I used to buy a small jar of it and put in on ham whenever I buy it during Christmas. Now I ask for it at Popeye's every time I buy something there (they suck because they only give one per person and charge extra for more), at Quiznoz when I order their honey mustard chicken sandwich, and at Jack in the Box when I buy their Deli Trio Pannido. I am craving for it right now. I even bought a whole bottle for home which ran out in a day or two. Help me!


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