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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Imelda the Movie

We finally got to see Imelda, a Sundance winner! After buying Imelda tix for the SFIAAFF early this year and missed it, I was glad to hear that they were showing it again at the Opera Plaza on Van Ness. It did take us a while to set a day to watch it, but today was the day. I commend Ramona Diaz on her efforts in interviewing the former first lady. There was a humanistic side to her when she was a naive and innocent girl that transformed into a manipulator. Another human aspect is her being a mother and wife. Of course they showed the shoes and her concept of God, love and beauty. She correlates these with justifications of power. The most amusing parts of the movie are her existentialist theories that either portray her as really smart or just insane. Watch it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She definitely has a star complex. Khaddaffi likes her, he really likes her!


2:29 AM


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