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Saturday, July 24, 2004

New Apartment

Nope, not ours! My little bro's. We woke up in the morning, passed by beautiful San Ramon to go to the bank and eat breakfast, and went to Oakland to help Jep and family move to their new apartment. First I was excited to see Camila! Then Zildjian was hugging me like a leach! She missed me and would not leave my side. Kuya Jon, Jep's friends Joseph and wife Feli were there to help out as well. We took everything to the new apartment, ate some Korean barbecue, bulalo, and steamed sugpo (prawns). Abby is a really good cook, 'ya know. She used to be the manager of Barrio Fiesta in South SF and she knows all their techniques, hehehe. We also hung out and went swimming in their pool with Zildjian. It was fun. At night, we proceeded to Aquarius movie theater in University Avenue in Palo Alto and watch the last showing of Before Sunset. As usual, it was interesting and thought provoking. I related in some aspects. Then I started reminiscing about Before Sunrise, my date then when I watched the first movie, and my life before. I missed my former idealism all of a sudden.


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