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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Swimming Again!

I guess its because its summer! We were packed to go to Mo's but Kuya Jon wanted to go Jep's and we can go swimming there as well. Unfortunately, after eating a hearty lunch of adobong pusit, Abs told us the bad news that we couldn't swim today in the pool. So they played PS2 instead using Eye Toy, a really interesting way to play games in lieu of controllers. Its like virtual gaming, not sure if they use motion sensors or something else. But it sure was cool though, a disc contained 12 games and you get to move your body (good for exercise). They had a kung fu game, a window washer game, a boxing game, and a dance game to name a few. The games are kinda weak (catered to younger kids) but the concept is sure cool. When they got tired of playing, the kids still wanted to swim to we ended up in Fremont at Kuya Ed's place. Nate and Vince joined us in our swimming escapade. Coolness!


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