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Monday, July 12, 2004

Video Purchases

Okay, I had a lot of commitments this weekend but ended up not going to some of them. My friend Sandra just gave birth last July 3rd and I promised to pick up another friend, Liz, and go to Sandra's place to visit her and see how's she's doing. Due to unexpected circumstances (some of you may know why), I could not make it. I also made an appointment with someone for an investment which was also cancelled. Darn. Anyway, what I did accomplish were more important stuff. I met up with an old friend, Jun, who owns an auto body shop so he can give estimates on my car and see if he would be able to fix it. I'm just glad he was willing to help. Also, I finally got my stitches removed. Woopee! Also got my Albuterol prescription since my asthma is getting worse ever since I moved to the central valley. Maybe I should move back to DC where its nice and cooler, hehehe. The nurse did say that there is a high case of asthma in the valley. I could not stand the heat sometimes. Its funny how I got used to wearing a jacket in the Peninsula and when I moved to the valley, I don't even wear my usual coats, jackets and sweats anymore. Sunday, I had two appointments to meet with two people, one a potential rental in DC, and the other, another body shop hook up. I did not go to either and I feel bad. In the afternoon, I was craving for dippin' dots so Nikki and I went to McDonald's. We also passed by Target since I'm stuck in Tracy. I purchased two DVDs - Whale Rider (which made me cry) and Bend It Like Beckham (really funny and entertaining, a movie that I've been wanting to watch for the longest time).


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