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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Weekend at Mo's

After eating at Todai's, Al and I drove up to Mo's because we were also celebrating her birthday. We strolled by the plush Santana Row in San Jose. I loved that area. They are soon gonna open Cine Arts there too. But of course, we just went window shopping because of budget constraints, hehehe. Then we crossed the streets to go Winchester Mystery House but changed our minds when we got there because it was expensive. We decided to watch White Chicks instead. It was hilarious (although the plot was crappy). Wayans brothers rocked the house! Then we went to Rasputin's to check out CDs and DVDs. Al bought The Royal Tenenbaums (his fave of all time). Mo bought some stuff as well and the new Cure CD. I could not believe the bargain I got! I bought The Sounds single for a quarter, The Music for $1.95, Franz Ferdinand for $6.95, Palo Alto and Black Rebel Motorcyle Club for a quarter as well. There were other compilations that I got for a quarter and it totalled $10 something! At night, we slept over at Mo's place and bonded.

Word of the day - Where is the Telephone?


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