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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wireless Heaven

Thank God! I got my wireless connection back! Finally, Kuya Jon opened a comcast account again! Yipee! I had to network my PC and laptop, as well as Kuya Jon's laptop. We also discovered that his laptop had too much viruses. Rod tried to fix it since he used to be system admin for IBM. I could fix it but didn't want to touch it coz Kuya Jon might get mad. I don't think he trusts me with anything, even driving or cutting hair since he still sees me as his little sister (I think). Ab's dad also showed his laptop and wanted Rod to fix it too because it had no sound. I checked it and I think its a sound card problem. On a freelance note, one of my clients is working with a new host that I recommended (should I be worried? maybe). I am having problems with the forms though because he does not have CGI capabilities. So for the meantime, I took it out. Hope to resolve everything soon. I was also glad to be back work, although I was having trouble with my eye while my head was aching once in a while. At night, Al bought me those clear band aids so it would look as nasty on my face. And he treated me to an intimate dinner at a nice and dim Thai restaurant. The occasion? Pay day of course! I also requested that he buy me a flip phone. Yeah right! In return, I cut his hair really short for summer. He liked it. Everybody liked it.


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