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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Alma Mater

The title is making me sing Morrissey's Alma Mater song. Anyway, I was just browsing through the website of my current alma mater, Cal State Hayward, when one of the headlines read Princeton Review Designates CSUH a 'Best in the West' College. Surely makes me one proud student. After all, they are near the Silicon Valley and the first school to offer a Masters program for Multimedia.

On another note, last Saturday, I got an offer for admission to Cal State for an MS in Instructional Technology program. Should I take it? Is this my calling? I need some time to decide. Not sure if I would be able to concentrate on it though but we'll see. It sure looks and sounds interesting. This led me to research alumni in my other alma mater, San Francisco State University. I found out that the following went to SFSU - Annette Bening, Danny Glover, Dana Carvey, Stan Mazor (invented the first microprocessor Intel), Anne Rice, Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura, Johnny Mathis, David Carradine, Peter Coyote, Tom Ammiano, Mayor Willie Brown, Heather Fong and Fred Lau (current and former SF Chief of Police), Manny Mashouf (CEO of bebe Inc.), Ben Fong-Torres, Elaine Corral (newscaster), Dave McElhatton (newscaster), Malou Nubla (TV Host), Frank Somerville (newscaster), Yvonne Cagle (NASA Astronaut) and much more. Oh and don't forget Asian and Filipino American community leaders and movers such as Curtis Choy (I-Hotel film), Rex Navarette (comedian), Allan Manalo (comedian and Bindlestiff founder), Kevin Camia (comedian of Bobby Banduria fame), Barbara Jane Reyes (author), Arthur Dong (film), Matt Abaya (film), and more.


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