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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Birthday Party

After we dropped off the hitchhiker, we went home to celebrate Kristine's and Leanne's birthday. They have been distributing flyers to their friends and classmates (Kristine has utilized my Photoshop to create them while I taught her some techniques). There was a lot of food. The best one was Kuya Leslie's barbeque! With some fat in it (haha, inject the lard, but it was damn good). Anyway, I stuffed myself too much that I could barely move. The garage had a DJ, lights and a fog machine. It seemed that the whole Tracy High was there at their party. There were also a lot of groups hangin' outside the house, with kids drinking. This alarmed Kuya Jon so he and Al were watching them outside while he grabbed the drinks from them. He even took his gun because some of them were starting to become rowdy. Some were driving past the house in a racing kind of manner, while the rest were smokin' and socializing. BTW, Christine just turned 17 while Leanne turned 16. I suddenly reminisced the time when we were teenagers and did the same thing. When we had garage parties, I remember the DJ's having their turntables on top of the washing machine and dryer, an unknown Julie Plug setting up their band equipment and getting ready for their small garage gig, lots of Filipino food, and Kuya Jon talking to the cops when the neighbors complained about loud noise. And our house was sooo packed while half of the guests were people we didn't know or invite, but were party crashers. Ahhhh, those were the days. Memories....

Word of the day - Hulk DVD.


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