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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Chateau D' Oro

We spent yesterday morning trying to secure this place in Belmont Hills called Chateau D' Oro. We were excited to get this small private shack next to the pool. I wonder if we got it. It was nice. Belmont was the first place I lived at ever since I moved back in the US after high school in 1990. I lived with my dad momentarily in Belmont until my mom took me and Jep to live in Daly City. Since we were minors, Dad couldn't really do anything to stop Mommy (part of their custody agreement in the 70's). Belmont and the peninsula area is were some of the rich lived, with old real estate rangin from half a million or more. Anyway, we were thinking of moving back into the neighborhood after more than 10 years. Al's family also lived nearby. They have a beautiful house on a hillside in San Mateo, the city next to Belmont. At the backyard, you can see deers either running about or just staring at you. The area is a nice neighborhood with the art and music culture we wanted, although I prefer San Francisco's beat culture which is my first love. The place we wanted at the Chateau is elevated and has a beautiful view of the city. My work is also right down the hill which would be very convenient for me. The price was also very reasonable. I hope to get it. Pray for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you get it Cin! It will be great for you and Al!

10:29 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Forget it, that place sucks! Management is not only dumb, they're terrible people.

1:23 PM


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