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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Crying Ladies

I finally watched the movie I bought at Pistahan called Crying Ladies. Its probably the best Filipino film I've seen so far with mainstream appeal. I am now a fan of Mark Meily who directed and wrote the Palanca award-winning screenplay. I was laughing and I was sympathizing. I actually thought that Sharon Cuneta delivered a good performance and I hate her, hehe. And the story was unique and good. I like the scenes, lighting, dialogue, delivery, camera angles and motion. I can name particular scenes that amazed me, like the small red house that stood out of a burnt building, the rain when the son was leaving, the funeral scene, the sunglasses sequence, the subtle reference to corruption in the Philippines, the presence of other races and their traditions, the car accident scene, and much much more. You have to watch it. I can say that it was a good buy.

Word of the day - Laundry and Rice.


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