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Monday, August 16, 2004

Happy Meal

Okay, you might think this is funny, but lately, Al and I have been buying happy meals at McDonald's just to take advantage of their free teenie beanie babies. I do apologize for this because it is unlikely of me to even collect beanie babies, but I am in a mission to ultimately find the baby blue teenie beanie baby that would match my baby blue car. I finally got it today! I should be called shallow cindy, haha. Wanna trade some?

Al and I went to urgent care earlier today to treat his rashes (looks like bungang araw). It got so bad that his face is all red, and it spread on his arms. I blame the heat and humid air of Tracy. The doctor said that it is caused by allergies and direct contact from the sun. She prescribed three medicines and a steroid shot. I bought some Aveeno for Al and Calamine lotion so he doesn't scratch it. Poor Al! Gave the prescription to Liza who works at the nearby pharmacy. Got a huge discount! Hook it up!

Word of the day - House Keys.


Blogger Sophia said...

HAHAHA! omg ur so funNi ate cin.. and ur NOT shallow lol.

8:53 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

gosh, i do remember that baby blue teenie beanie baby which i loved so much. i put it in my baby blue car and it got stolen early this year! i was very upset...

9:10 AM


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