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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hitchhiker Story

I finally got my car after a month! I am kinda satisfied (considering I had it fixed dirt cheap) although I was upset to find out that the sunroof and my alarm were not working after they attached the new door. But I was still happy that all my power windows and mirrors were working. Phew! Wierd how they attached a new door with a tinted window?!? It would've been cool, if all of them were tinted too! Hahaha, but its cool. I had it detailed after that because it was hecka dirty. After that, we went straight to the SF airport where I had to return the car I rented for the whole week (t'was a 2004 Chevy Cavalier - not my personal choice but I like the color, a sporty dark orange car). Anyway, as we were walking downstairs back to my car, a lady on her cellphone, looking really upset, asked me an odd question.

Heather: Would you by any chance be going to Tracy?
Me: (not believeing what I heard tried to confirm) Where?
Heather: Tracy (she thought I thought she was a psycho freak)
Me: Yeah
Heather: Are you serious?
Me: Yeah, I live in Tracy

She was so happy to hear that and was astonished at the wierd coincidence because not a lot of people in the city would go Tracy's way, some would probably not even heard about it. I felt her misery, being stranded at the airport because her car rental reservation was cancelled due to a delayed flight. I was almost in a desperate situation like that the other day but fortunately, one of the car rentals had only one car available at a more expensive price. Anyway, they hitched a ride with us all the way to Tracy where they were picking up their truck to drive to Colorado. Her husband even paid for our gas when I told them not to but they insisted. I am still dumbfounded at the coincidence.


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