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Friday, August 13, 2004


Found out earlier that I will be moving to a desk by the window. Woo hoo! I do miss having my own office room though. Also mailed my application for another Masters program, this time at Cal State Hayward. I am not continuing the program I got into at SFSU. I applied for financial aid yesterday too. Cross your fingers and pray for me. Wierd how I got a lot accomplished on Friday the xxth. Anyway, Al dropped me off and picked me up from work. We went straight to San Francisco to watch the Filipino indie film Homecoming by Gil Portes. It was their US premier and opening night/gala reception. But I only went to the showing after Al and I ate at a Thai Restaurant on Clement St. I was hecka hungry. Anyway, the showing was in conjunction with the Asian Film Fest going on in SF. As soon as we got into the theater, 4 Star was playing Bebel Gilberto in the background. How cool! It really put me in a good mood. The movie was about the realities of SARS victims and their families. But the more important message of the movie is the sad existence of prejudice in world, even in small communities in the form of a disease instead of the color of ones skin. Can you imagine how disabled people must feel every single day? Anyway, I thought the movie was good and unique, serious and yet could be very funny. It had the guts to talk about the govenment and people's hypocrisies. I especially liked the portrayal of realistic characters and the dialogues.

Phrase of the day - Save the Four Star.


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