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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Last Day at Work

Oh no, not my last day. One of my co-workers who I have become close to ever since I started working with my current employer is leaving today - in 15 minutes. I am sad. I have been sad ever since she told me two weeks ago. But I am happy for her because she is starting a new job doing JAVA programming and web development. She deserves it since she is sooo smart and works so hard! I will miss her so much! Yesterday at lunch, she treated me to an Indian buffet in San Mateo called Bombay Garden. I'm thinking of bringing Al there one time. It was packed and the food is good. Today, we took pictures with the team. She emailed everyone with her goodbyes and her contact info. She was my lunch buddy and she showed me the ropes at work although she only started a month before me. I bugged her with all my questions (my apologies Rajini). Anyway, I am also happy for her because tomorrow, she is leaving for Hawaii with her husband. A long deserved vacation for the two of them...


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