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Friday, August 27, 2004

More Bad News

Today, I just found out that my dad is in ICU for three days now because he had a hard time breathing. My brother Jep, who just had his birthday yesterday, told me about it. It must have been hard for him to celebrate his birthday knowing that dad is in the hospital. Another bad news in the Sacramento family - our younger brother Anthony, who just recently joined the army, was just deployed to Kuwait. The whole family is praying for his safety. On a 'family' note, Al picked me up for lunch so we can check out an apartment at Belmont Hills, when he showed me a book that his cousin gave him from his auntie. It was a published book about his whole family (I was laughing at his old pictures, while amazed at his baby ones). Too bad I wasn't in it while his siblings wives and kids were there (he was still single in those pics). I was just so amazed at the family's history. It gives me a better understanding of his background. I suddenly became proud to be a part of his family. And I think they are working on Volume 2 which will include Al's bio (wonder what he had to say). I guess he is a true blooded Manalo.


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