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Friday, August 06, 2004

Picnic in the Park

After a very hectic week at work with portal migration (believe me, it was very very busy hence no blog updates for a few days), the higher ups decided to hold a picnic and bbq at a nice and isolated park in Foster City called Boothbay Park as the team's reward for our hardwork and success. The word was the team was gonna play sloshball which is softball with liquor. I opted to bbq instead, hehe, since I have to drive back all the way to Tracy. Anyway, all the food groups were there, tri tip with soy or no soy, chicken in skewers marinated in garlic and herb sauce, chicken and apple sausages, artichoke and garlic sausages, veggie burgers, veggie with dip, tortilla chips and salsa, fruits, drinks, and lots of beer! Anyway, it was fun on a nice sunny day. The weather was perfect! It started at noontime and I left after 2 hours when my boss told me its cool. But I had to take care of stuff in the peninsula so I went to the SF Zoo to meet this lady so I can pay her and sign contracts to rent her townhouse for this weekend for a little getaway to celebrate our anniversary. It was such a great deal and I am lucky! $100 for a 2 bedroom place that sleeps 8 since it has beds everywhere, a washer/dryer and a fully equiped kitchen, plus a DVD player. Then I went to SF Airport to rent an SUV. I am excited, can't wait! Al's been waiting for this vacation since last week. That and an Xbox for his birthday which he's been wanting for the longest time. Poor Al, by the time he gets it, Microsoft would probably have a newer version of it already, hehe...


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