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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Pistahan 2004

Today was a lovely, sunny day for the annual Pistahan held at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, next to the Metreon. As usual, we were walking around checking out all the booths that sell fake Burberry and Louie Vuitton bags, and shirts with Filipino markers on it (e.g. shirts that say I eat rice or maarte. Almost wanted to buy one for my niece as a joke. I saw my shirt pinabayaan sa kusina. Anyway, I did purchase something from the Starry Store booth. I bought the VCD of the movie Small Voices (Mga Munting Tinig). Surprisingly, it was cheaper than what I saw online. I also bought the DVD for Crying Ladies. I haven't seen it yet but I heard it was good. And if you have a purchase of more than $10 bucks, you get a free gift. So they gave me an audio CD of Tanging Yaman. Hip-hop radio stations also set up booths and their turntablists were mixing a bunch of rap music. There were also b-boy and b-girl dance battles. We also saw performers and celebrities. But most of all, I enjoyed being with my fellow kababayans in a festive mood, eating their favorite (but unfortunately expensive) Filipino food. My fave booth was the art exhibit booth featuring the fine works of Fil-Am painters and digital artists. Coolness!

Tinikling at the park. A first for me.

A crowd of spectators at a packed Yerba Buena.

Word of the day - The Debut.


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