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Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Real World

As a trusting person, I have fallen prey to the evils of the world. I cannot believe that kin would betray me and toss me like some piece of shit. They did that before anyway but I was just forgiving (although I never forget). But believe me, nothing has gotten to me yet. Because of one thing - I don't care anymore. They have time and time again used people for their own personal interests. I've seen it done to others. I was just next in line. But I have forseen this nature of ignorance and jealousy. Just like Shakespear's Othello. Sad. But instead of speaking my mind and stooping to their level, I just shrug it off as another dilemna to conquer. And I will let karma take its course. Because when I get mad, I get even - just kidding. I just felt like saying that. Anyway, I am also a good-natured person that it would be inconceivable to get even. Then again I could always think of subtle ways to do things, hehehe. I am still shocked at the existence of ill-natureness in my family. Ah, human nature disgusts me sometimes. I guess I will have to deal with it again, as usual.


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