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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Uncle Bill

Yesterday, I had a meeting with Arkipelago CEO to discuss a revamp of their website and their catalog cover design. After the meeting, we went to see my Uncle Bill, dad's older brother who lived in San Francisco. He wanted to meet with me and have lunch at their house so I can design his banner and program for his retirement party. He is retiring from the University of San Francisco as an engineer. Even the President of the school is gonna be there. I am proud. He is my dad's only sibling. He told me a lot of stories when I was a kid. He said that my christening reception was held at their house in SF. I don't remember the event itself but I remember seeing pictures of it. They told me about my godparents who also lived in the city. I was happy to hear stories of my dad's side of the family and discovered that I had a lot of history. I really don't know much about my dad because he is a very quiet guy. My Uncle Bill never really had kids. I was also happy that he called me anak. After lunch, he brought us downstairs and showed us his entertainment room. He had Fender everything, even a CD mixer. He showed me his keyboards and his G3 iMac. Then he told me he was gonna give me his computer since he has two others. He was also gonna give me his printer and his external CD burner to go with it. I was elated, coz I always wanted that for my graphics. I work from my PC and my laptop. Anyway, he also wanted to give me his keyboards too. I miss my keyboards. I suddenly reminisced when I played the organ at church when I was a kid. Auntie was there too. She cooked some good 'ol Ilocano dish, lumpia and chicken for lunch. We even had food to go and frozen food to cook at home.

After our visit, we went straight to Vallejo to visit daddy. He's okay now. They took out the tube that helped him breathe (a respirator?) and his tube feeding. And he is able to talk now. I was scared (I was teary eyed) because he has been undergoing dialysis for the longest time since his kidneys failed few years ago. And then this accident put him in critical condition. He was in ICU for a whole week now, but I think they are finally moving him to a regular room. I hope there are no more complications. I also saw the whole family and my siblings. Natalie, who is a co-curator for the Festival of Pilipino Arts and Culture, flew in from LA in the morning. Anthony, who was supposed to be deployed to Kuwait, had special leave to be by dad's side. Charlene, who came from UC Berkeley, drove back home to be with her mom. And Cherry was still in UC Davis celebrating her birthday alone. They, together with Tita Ana, were gonna pick her up and go back to the hospital.

Word of the day - Dinner with Jep.


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