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Friday, August 13, 2004

Xbox on Sale

Yesterday, I finally did it. I finally bought Al his Xbox. He's been wanting it for years now and I was hesitant. And the wonderful part is that it was on sale for $189 at Costco that includes the console, 2 controllers, a remote for the DVD and a game. I also bought the game Splinter Cell for him since it was cheaper now, only $17 bucks! Well, I'm using his money anyway, hehe. I gave him a list of stuff to do for the day and surprisingly, he accomplished everything! The console was his reward (plus I didn't have an anniversary and birthday gift for him for a couple of years now). Anyway, tonight, we are planning to watch the movie Homecoming by Gil Portes at 4 Star Theater on Clement in SF.

Word of the day - Costco Coupon.


Blogger mordekai said...

Just wanna thank you for my new "toy", I really love it.
Don't worry, i'll take care of it. Thanks again honey.
I love you

Ps. Can you buy me a new game? hehehe

6:48 PM


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