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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Barely Sleeping

I need to catch up with my sleep. Sorry for not blogging for a few days. Its been hectic at work, looking for another job (shhh), looking for a place, side projects, taking care of school requirements, Al, commuting, etc. I just wanna crash to a place close to work and resume activity. But no! I have to move constantly and its tiring me out!

Unfortunately, we didn't ge the San Carlos house. Now I am regretting the Redwood City and Belmont apts. Anyway, met up a friend yesterday who's helping me look at a place. He hooked me up with one in the Westborough area. But we are still deciding although it is very tempting. After checking out the place, we picked up Al at school and ate dinner at Toppings and ordered my usual bbq pork on stick sizzling plate with java rice, gravy and atchara (not sure of the spelling, hehe). I grabbed a newspaper and found out that Olympic swimmer and gold medalist, Natalie Coughlin is half Filipino from Vallejo. Whoa! Represent! Haha.

Al has also been busy with school and I love his enthusiasm. He's been bringing me lunch lately at work and we eat by the lake near my building. It's an awesome way to eat lunch, by the waterfront with a loved one. I asked him to bring me some food from Akagi since I'm craving for it today. Earlier today, he called the Coast Guard coz he was interested in joining. He found out the he was overage! Haha. Time for teasing on my part. Just kidding. He then called the Naval Reserve and he's expecting a call back by today. This gave me ugly thoughts in my head, about the war, being apart from him, etc. But I also thought of the good (the fringe benefits). We'll see if he does decide to enlist. I don't want anymore thoughts so I can sleep better.


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