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Friday, September 10, 2004

Day in Court

I took off early today to go to court for a carpool violation. And before you say anything, let me say that I am not one of those people deliberately trying to use the carpool lanes to make it to work. I accidentally entered a freeway entrance that was carpool ONLY. I didn't know there was such a thing in San Francisco. My bad. And by the time I realized it, it was too late to change lanes or even back-up because there were too many cars beside me and behind me. I got too confused. Everything happened so fast! Hopefully the judge said that my moving violation isn't even a point and not a lot of people know about that ramp. He lowered my fines to $150 instead of $360. What a break!

Afterwards, we drove around still looking for a place. We saw a nice cottage in Mountain View that would be perfect for us. But some lady beat us to it! But if she doesn't give the check, then we have first dibs. Cross your fingers.

At night, we watched the Keane concert to cheer me up. I missed their last concert at Cafe Du Nord. The gig we watched was at Bimbo's 365. We skipped the opening act French Kicks we saw them already. When Keane came out, people were excited and most of them knew the songs. You can hear the crowd sing along. Al, with luck on his side, was able to get the set list even if we weren't all the way in front. He also managed to get a cool poster near the coat check area. Oddly, we didn't drink that night. We also saw an old friend. The lead singer was also adorable in a geeky English sort of way. I love his voice! Also purchased tix online today for next concert I am watching - Franz Ferdinand. Coolness!


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