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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dream Concert

Oh my gosh! I am still on a high! I just got home from a dream concert of mine - Franz Ferdinand plus three great bands! I originally planned to see their DJ set at Popscene but I changed my mind. So I bought tix online at Ticketweb and waited until a day before the show for the tix to arrive. Unfortunately, the tix did not arrive (I never had this problem before). So I called them up and they had tix for us at will call. Got there, had excellent parking right in front of the venue (SF Concourse Exhibition Center), didn't even have to fall in line, and waited for the first band. I did not expect The Futureheads to open! It was such a treat. They are a great band! They had the Ramones riffs except that they were all trying to blend. Then Hope of the States came next. I also planned to see them at Popscene but I'm glad that they opened! I though that they were a good band (being labelled as the next Radiohead), although they did not really grab me (they sounded like a late Radiohead). Then The Delays came next, and of course, Franz Ferdinand! A very, very awesome band! The concert was well worth my money! One of the best concerts I've seen so far, probably the best ever! Can you imagine - four excellent bands in one night! Wow, I had the most fun! I needed that. After the show, Al (again with his luck) got the Franz Ferdinand set list. I got some The Futureheads stickers. Check out the pics that I took:

The Futureheads lead singer.

Franz Ferdinand lead singer.

Click on the links below for more concert pictures:

The Delays lead singer.
Franz Ferdinand lead singer and drummer.
The Futureheads on stage at the Concourse.
Hope of the States playing on stage.
Franz Ferdinand enjoying the SF crowd.


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