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Monday, September 20, 2004

Family History

I can't believe that this weekend was an awakening for me, especially in knowing my Sacramento roots. I found out that my grandpa on my dad's side worked in Hawaii in the 1930's as a sugarcane plantation worker before my dad was born. I also learned that my dad's only brother was here in SF since the 1960's and that they bought their house for $23,000 then! My gosh! Now the house is probably worth half a million. And I heard a lot of stories about my mom and dad which I didn't know before. I even saw a young picture of my dad and was shocked to see so much resemblance to Jep and Anthony! I really learned a lot about my family this weekend. Saturday night, we went to Uncle Bill's to have dinner with Jep, Abby and Camilla. We hung out downstairs after dinner to sing some karaoke. My Auntie Loreta's sister just came from Hawaii and cooked a lot of food. I got a nice white knitted scarf as a gift from my auntie which she did herself. And of course, we had a lot of food to go. Too bad dad and siblings could not make it because daddy got rushed to the hospital again. But they did make it Sunday at noon although I didn't see them. I did go back at night though to give Uncle Bill the program I did for his party. He gave me more stuff for my new place - a brand new rice cooker, a brand new espresso machine, a telephone and 100 CD-Rs! Wow, I felt like it was just Christmas!


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