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Friday, September 24, 2004

History Detectives

Last night, I was watching an episode of History Detectives, my first time seeing that show. I thought it was such a cool concept to get someone to trace some part of history. What's more interesting is the fact that they also trace back family history. The episode I saw was finding the real story behind this girl's grandfather and great grandfather when her family had no info whatsoever about them. But the auntie gave a minor, yet important, detail that gave way for more research on the detectives' part. This young lady wondered if her grandpa ever stayed on Angel Island or wrote any of the poetry on the walls. I've been to Angel Island with some friends and have some knowledge on the subject. She also wanted to know if its true that her great grandpa died on Angel Island. And the archived documents that they found confirmed it. Wow.

Yesterday, a guy called from the Ellen deGeneres show asking me if I wanted tix for the month of October. I told him I'm interested in the date 10/11. He called again earlier but I didn't answer since my phone was in my bag and I was at work. Anyway, I hope I get them. I'm ready to drive to LA on that weekend. It'll be fun.


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