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Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day Weekend

It was really hot today. Al, me and the kids went to Jep's to go swimming. I was shocked to see Camilla so big now! She is such a cutie, with a cute smiley face, always happy. I am glad we went swimming today. I feel so refreshed afterwards. Abs prepared some hotdog sandwiches for us and the kids. Yummy! I was so glad that Brandon trusted me to carry him in the water when he never really trusts anyone and just stays on the shallow side. We were racing and Al kept splashing and diving into the water. It was quality time with everyone. Then we had to pick up Jep at the Bart station since he brought his car to the shop while we were swimming.

When we got home, the living and dining areas were furnished! They bought new furniture for the house. It's about time. I especially like the dining set, a dark cherry wood color. Too bad we won't be staying there long to really enjoy it.

At night, we watched Bowling for Columbine which I bought recently at Target for a good price. Something to ponder about - the culture of fear in American society. Made me wonder, that's for sure.

Word of the day - Chinese Food.


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