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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Let's Go Giants!

We spent the morning looking for an alternative apartment (yup we decided not to get the Chateau - very long story of a deceitful and stupid manager) but we are looking at this place in San Carlos. Hopefully we find out by tomorrow. After that, we went straight to SBC park to watch the SF Giants play against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yes, we got to see the infamous Randy Johnson, although we did see the Diamondbacks few years ago. Anyway, it was a fun game (although most of the players now are unfamiliar to me). Good thing Barry Bonds is still there. We had good Season Ticketholder lower box seats that Jep gave us since they didn't go to the game. It was fun coz the Giants won (yipee). I think as of this moment, they are in the Wild Card spot for the NL Championships. I hope they make it. Then we went to Uncle Bill's for dinner, gave him the banner I designed and got the info for the program. I was so hungry by then. He also had the G3 ready to give to me today, together with a burner and a printer. I was happy although it is an older model but yet very good one. I can use that for my graphics.


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