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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Retirement Party

Today was the day of Uncle Bill's retirement party. I spent the whole day watching movies on cable (finally, I got to wake up later than usual and relax). In the afternoon, we got ready for the party. We were supposed to get ready earlier so we can help them fix up the place but we had a late start (well, we were watching old episodes of Made). So we got there just in time for the no-host cocktails. Saw my siblings Natalie, Charlene and Cherry on the registration tables and they were so pretty (click pic link below). I also met my relatives on my dad's side (I had a lot of them in the Bay Area that I didn't know about, duh!) And I was shocked to see an old best bud of mine, Peng with her husband Francis. It so happens that Francis and my Uncle Bill were co-workers before he retired from the University of San Francisco. Small world! Anyway, when I got in the ballroom, I saw the banner and programs I made. Al's first reaction was being awed by the chandaliers! Haha! Anywayz, Jep and Abs followed. We were all sitting in one table with Daddy and Tita Ana. It was fun. Peng and I also danced on the dance floor. Suddenly, I was reminiscent of our Via Manila days and we were joking how we have gotten too old to dance (although she still got the moves! You go gurl!) Then they started the dreaded electric slide. Too bad Jep wasn't there coz he would have enjoyed it (hehe, just kidding). Anyway, there was a live band and a lot of singing. And the food was good! They had ceasar's salad, grilled chicken, shrimp, veggies and rice pilaf for our entree, and tiramisu for dessert! I was happy coz I was hungry! Anyway, I had fun. I think I had more fun hangin' out again with Peng! I was ecstatic to see her! She was lookin' great! Check out our pics below.

Al, me, Peng and Francis at the Sheraton Hotel.

Click on the links below for more pics.

My pretty sisters drinking.
My brother and sis-in-law.


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