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Monday, September 20, 2004

UK Sunday

I had a blast this weekend. Although I am tired from the moving, our commute from Tracy to DC was nice because LIVE 105 was playing songs by UK bands. I was so happy to hear my old and current faves on the radio, something that my station doesn't normally do. I was glad to hear tracks from The Stone Roses, Kasabian, Keane, Hope of the States, The Delays, etc. Oh and I was shocked to hear Electronic's Get the Message. Wow, I was a teenager then! Hehehe. I remember when they shot the song's video in the Philippines. I remember an interview with Bernard Sumner with a famous music mag and he said that he was in the Philippines when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. I cracked up because the video was shot by Taal Volcano, not Mt. Pinatubo! It also showed Intramuros, Smokey Mountain, jeepneys, tumbang lata, and a kid flying a sarangola. Haha, I am reminiscent! Anyway, I kept calling to win tix to see the Muse concert. I also got through to win PJ Harvey concert tix but I could not name 2 of her albums (I forgot, I could only remember her singles). Anyway, we also went to Ikea and bought stuff for the house (and of couse some Swedish chocolate).


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