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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Asthma Attacks

I finally bought an air purifier for $40 bucks on Craigslist! The same model costs $170 at Home Depot minus taxes. I was lucky. I desperately needed one because lately, I have been getting allergies and asthma attacks ever since we moved back to DC. I really don't know why. But now, I am glad to be breathing good, clean air. I haven't been sleeping well lately because of my wheezing.

We also spent time home watching TV and shopping at Pak n' Save again, now that we're closer. I missed our grocery sprees at Pak n' Save (haha, I know, I am shallow). We do have a lot of memories. Al is cooking nilagang baka as I write. I am too hungry! Am not feeling so well too because of my asthma. And it's raining outside.


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