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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Downtown Day

Al had an appointment today to take care of some paperwork. So we set out early to prepare for it. Drove to downtown SF and parked in the middle of the Financial District and got excellent parking, next to Design Within Reach. Didn't even know that their offices were there. We had a nice stroll, walking by huge buildings, small galleries, and upscale alleys with coffee shops and patios set outside for the day. Gave me memories of my stepbro Ryan when we walked the same area and hung out at one of the coffee shops and bonded. Anyway, we were early for his appointment that we decided to eat a quick lunch. As soon as we entered a super packed Vietnamese restaurant, we saw an old friend's sis, Malou, near the counter, ordering to go (I assume) while she waved at me. We didn't wait too long for seats (they sat us before the other people who've been waiting for awhile now, not sure why, maybe coz their parties were bigger). Anyway, ate our heart out (and it was good) then made it to the appointment. The building was so secured that we had to go through a line (even with an appt), take off our shoes and go through a metal detector/security check. Al got more frustrated when we found out that we were in the wrong location (which I told him beforehand). It so happens that the location we were suppose to go did not require an appointment or security check and was only two blocks away. So we had a nice walk and saw the KPIX station around the area. We were greeted with excellent staff. Even though we forgot to copy certain docs, this guy was willing to do it for us! Some would not even bother. And this other lady was just bursting with enthusiasm and energy which made our day. I just glad there are still people out there like that. Afterwards, we drove around beautiful San Francisco and checked out the sites. Lots of changes, definitely. But just lovely.


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