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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hip Hop Honors

Just caught a re-run of the show on VH-1 which ended few minutes ago. I'm not really a hip hop person, but it's always good to hear music from your own generation. Old school anyone? I am particularly a Public Enemy and KRS-One fan. I also liked De La Soul and Young MC back in the day but I didn't see them in the show. Hmmm... Just when I saw it all (Kid Rock spinning records?), Public Enemy comes out with a bang! It was such a powerful and very impressive performance. At first I was skeptical (since they're older and with Anthrax, hehehe), they had the best performance of the night. Chuck D and Flavor Flav really delivered and rocked hard! What I was wondering was, why didn't they mention and show the guy spinning with the Beastie Boys?


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