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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Morning Emergency

I was barely breathing and my chest was hurting this morning so Al suggested that I should go to the hospital emergency room. When we got there, I was glad that there were no people being attended so they took me in right away (they should since I could not breathe). Anyway, the doc, nurse and therapist who gave me treatments were really, really nice to me. It changed my view of people working the graveyard shift who are usually cranky. I was prescribed more refills of Albuterol since I ran out just this morning so I freaked out! The doc also referred me to a pulmonary doctor for follow-up and prescribed steroids to help me breathe too. We went to a 24-hour pharmacy (thank God they have it here coz in Tracy they all close at 5 pm). I am still trying to absorb the idea of a drive-thru pharmacy (how cool is that). Beats the drive-thru grocery just a few blocks away. The pharmacist was so nice and helpful too. Anyway, I am just so glad to be breathing normal again.


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