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Saturday, October 16, 2004

New [Old] Vehicle

We just bought a new (but old) dark blue van today from someone who was selling it at Craigslist. The mileage was not bad for an old van (80,000) and its also an extended van (big seats and space at the back for a minivan, not the child seats). Went with Mo and Al in a ghetto area in Oakland owned by a Pinoy! He sounded so convincing and when Al test drove it, he said it was good. It seemed like it was well maintained too. I just hope it doesn't break down on me, hehehe. But the owner said that if there was something wrong with the engine or transmission, he said to bring it back to him and he will give us back our money. Hmmm, what a gutsy promise, so I guess he's confident that it's in good condition. Plus, the price is a steal! A mere $1000 bucks! I did my first haul too - an exercise bike in SF which was only two years old. Yes, I am addicted to Craigslist again (that's everytime I move). Anyway, we needed a second car. I originally wanted a pick-up truck, but when I saw the ad for the van, I grabbed the opportunity. But I still want a pick-up, hehehe. Maybe soon (if ever I decide to sell the van, hehe). Anyway, a second car is always good for emergency purposes. We usually have at least two cars, but my Explorer broke down on me and I junked it (stupid me). Then Al had two previous cars that broke down on him, and my old Honda Civic that I passed on to him got towed. Oh well. I have a newer car but we needed a second one (so I can haul stuff too, hehehe). Anyway, I hate depending on my family whenever I needed a van or truck and they can't lend it to me all the time. Might as well have my own right?

Al posing in front of the van.


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