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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Productive Day

More like miraculous day! I started putting my rosary in my pocket everyday now, a practice I last did in high school. Suddenly, this week has just been full of blessings. First, I got to see a wonderful sunset with red sky while I was driving 19th avenue. You guys should have seen it. It was awesome - wish I had a cam at that moment. I went to pick up pieces of free furniture from Craigslist and they turned out to be great white stuff! The ones I wanted! I am trying to change my motif from black and silver to white and silver. Maybe my 'white' environment is emitting positive energy, hehehe. Al was also scheduled to take the test for the Naval Reserve in Moffet Field. In the 14 years I have lived in the Bay Area, I have only driven Moffet Field once and didn't even notice my surroundings. We went to a facility near the base where they were examining people. Also passed by NASA's Ames Research Center. How cool! Yes, I am shallow, hehehe. Then I got the coolest rice cooker for only $29 bucks from Costco (I've been looking around and the average price would range $35 minimum). It's a silver and white one. The regular ones are usually just white. I love the color (yes, again, my shallowness comes through). Then an employer calls him to work right away - tonight! Some things were getting processed on his part too. And I myself had some good news. And we've been shopping at Ikea, Target, Kyun, Kohl's, Costco and Craigslist (hehe) for new stuff (since I left almost everything in Tracy). Shame on me for spending... But I swear, I am getting great deals! And we got two mountain bikes for $75 (yes, that's the price for both). Mo, you inspire me to go biking now, although I doubt if I would ever use the bike, hehehe. Al did already though. Also, after the photoblog and audioblog features, Friendster has added the rss feed for blogs (but since I have Blogger, not Blogger Pro, I can't really use it). But what made me happy was that they also added a caption feature for the photos, something that I have been pondering about for Friendster since MySpace has that feature. Now it came true. I also applied for them just right now since they have openings that I qualify for (cross your fingers). Yes, God is good...


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