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Saturday, October 09, 2004


Today was my first day back to school for the Fall 2004 semester. I was so excited to see my professors again. I am also excited because I just have three more classes remaining to finally finish my Multimedia program. I kinda stopped for six months because of my employment at this enterprise software company and thought I needed a break (plus I couldn't afford my classes at that moment). Now I am hyped! I actually saw two former professors who remembered me. Yey! Funny how the class size got smaller. But today, I learned a lot! I love it. My classes are at nights so its convenient for me. Afterwards, I went to Valencia in SF to pick up this free humidifier I saw on Craigslist. I needed it because I have been having asthma attacks every morning (I think I am once again adjusting to the change of weather). While I was there, I passed by my fave ice cream joint, Mitchell's, and bought a gallon of Black Walnut ice cream (plus a scoop of Caramel Bliss, a new flavor, which I tried on the spot). Then I passed by Toppings to buy some late dinner for me and Al. While I was waiting, an old friend, Froy, saw me. He introduced me to his new wife and showed me pics of his baby girl. Wow, how time flies! The baby is already 8 months old! He also told me that they just came from the Sandalwood concert with Cocoy Laurel and Joey Albert. He mentioned that he recorded with them at the studio (Fantasy Studios) where Jep and Julie Plug recorded their first album, Starmaker. It is also the studio where Green Day used to record too. Anyway, I wanted to buy the Sandalwood CD when I saw an ad before. Besides, all proceeds go to charity. Now that I found out that he is also on the CD, I just might check it out (I attempted to ask for a free copy but he himself only had one and proceeds go to charity which made me guilty, hehehe). Anyway, its always good to see old peeps.


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