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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saturday Cruise

We got bored today (all we did is eat and watch TV) and we were hesitant in going out (since its raining and we didn't even want to spend a single cent) so we decided to cruise at night by Great Highway in SF. We came across a set-up of what seems to be Bay to Breakers on the shores of Ocean Beach but it wasn't. The banners say The Nike 26.2. And there were runners at 11 pm! Definitely seems like a marathon event. Anyway, our purpose was to check out the Cliff House. It was well lit and has a nice structure. I love the new look of the building, the architecture. The last one looked really crappy with neon lights (at the time they did the 90's renovation, I already thought it looked like crap). But the new Cliff House is awesome! Will try to take pics tomorrow. I forgot my cam but Al brought the video cam (don't know why). So I have a video instead. Then we parked by Ocean Beach and hung out (wink). This is when we discovered that the van had a huge space at the back, hehe. Nothing happened, you dirty-minded people! Haha! We just wanted to check out the back where we can view the beach and listen to the waves. It was a solemn moment.

The New Cliff House by Ocean Beach, SF.

As soon as we got home, we were able to reach Saturday Night Live with Jude Law hosting. And musical guest - Ashlee Simpson. Oh gosh, she's obviously lip-synching! Hay naku!


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