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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Spongebob Party

Haha, you must have guessed a children's party because of the title. Yes, the theme is Spongebob Squarepants from invitations, to party favors, to the birthday cake, and the mascot! Too bad my gift to Karlel was a nice Harry Potter action figure. Just got home from the party. I got a party favor - a nice small crystal paper weight with a 3D Mickey Mouse in the middle. Nice. I also wanted to wear the Spongebob party hats for kicks - just to feel like a kid again. And to embarass the heck out of Al, haha! Anyway, the mascot seemed anemic and sick. The costume was not yellow at all. Wonder who the tailor was. Geesh. Anyway, I had a blast with the food though, specially catered by Malou's family restaurant, Fiesta Island. I must say, they have good food! I especially like the sliced asado pork! It seemed gourmet-ish. Imagine Filipino food gourmet style! Anyway, they had two lechons and lots of guests. They really went all out with Karlel's 7th. We left early to go to Tracy because it is also Liz's dad's birthday. But we decided to go home instead coz I am feeling tired already. Called up Kuya Jon and told him that we're going tomorrow instead. By the way, Kuya Jon just came back from Korea.

Word of the Day - INC Birthday.


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