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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Superman Dies

I stayed home yesterday and today to relax, watch a lot of TV, do some grocery shopping, and fix up the place a little bit. I didn't even go to Uncle Ador's and Auntie Tessie's daughter's wedding (sorry Uncle Ador, I forgot to pick up the invitation from Jep). Anyway, even Kuya Jon called me to go to Tracy and bring back the dolly I borrowed last September. I just feel so lazy today so no buggers, please! As I was watching the news, the newscaster announced that Christopher Reeves just died. It's just so sad. The Man of Steel is gone. My condolences to the family.

On a lighter note, my friend Mo mentioned that it was Fleet Week this weekend. She went biking in SF with family. How cool! Too bad I didn't get to witness the Blue Angels. I wanted to check them out. That's what's cool about the city - all these cool events happening! That's why I'm baaaack!


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