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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Trash Can Sinatras

Wow, I can't believe it. I finally saw them again after 11 years. Its been awhile since their last concert tour in 1993 and a lot of people are very excited. It was just like the Stone Roses who didn't play for 10 years and their concert was highly anticipated (especially by me who fell in line then just to make sure I get tix which got sold out in a matter of minutes). Although I knew about the concert months before the show (I had my cell remind me of the concert on my calendar), Al and I decided to buy tickets the last minute. Al was in line at the Slim's ticket box office while I parked when a scalper approached him and sold him two tickets. Then Jep and his friends came along. Mellow Drunk and Roddy Hart opened for the Scottish 90's band. But they only sang two songs from their first album (Obscurity Knocks and January's Little Joke) which kinda disappointed me. But after the concert, to my surprise, Popscene's street team were distributing flyers for their next gig on Thursday at 330 Ritch. Wow. I wish I can go. And we all know, if the band plays Popscene, they must be hecka cool. They also had a free concert earlier today at Tower Records on Bay and Columbus sponsored by Live 105. I missed TCS so much. They looked much older but the singer's voice is just amazing. Ahhhhh, I can just imagine him singing again in my mind. Below is a pic of Francis Reader during the concert.

Trash Can Sinatra's lead singer.


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