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Monday, October 25, 2004

Update on Ashlee

Y'all know how I feel about Ass-lee Simpson (see former entries). I was just watching the RMAs and she just can't stop lying while Carson Daly was teasing her. Now her excuse is that she needed back-up vocals because she lost her voice 4 hours into the show. Yeah right! Just my two-cents. I've watched SNL for more than a decade and have seen outrageous stuff, but nothing as embarassing as this. She's always been a f*ckin' phony. Oh, I've heard her sing live on the pre-show for the VMAs earlier this year and it didn't sound so good. Even in the Newlyweds show, its obvious that she wants some spotlight and wants attention. She was on my nerves already at that moment before she even had an album or a show. Anyway, tell me what you think. Here's a video clip of her SNL appearance. I saw the performance that Saturday night. Her first song was hilarious already. She poorly sang, or rather, lip-synched her OWN song! What happened during her second performance serves her right! That was a classic SNL history moment in the making! I wonder if she got punk'd, hmmm. I will commend Ashton if he was behind this. *smirk* She is just getting into deeper shit everytime she opens her mouth. A word of advice - shut yo trap!

*girl you know its true, ooh ooh ooh ohh* Just playin'... I did like Milli Vanilli though.

More lies - she said she never lip-synched before. Yeah right! Keep it coming! I am getting more amused. Ass-lee - you're fired! Hehehe.

Earlier today, Al and I went biking around Gellert Park after we watched the DVD we rented weeks ago, The Triplets of Belleville. It was a good movie. You can definitely see the French style of drawing and film style in the feature animation. Then we passed by Gellert library to return it (I think it was way overdue). Anyway, my back's been hurting since yesterday and I don't know why. It feels like a really bad whiplash. So Al suggested that I walk and bike with him. It was refreshing and fun. Plus the exercise kinda helped my back, although, I must admit, it still hurts a lot. He's been constantly putting Bengay on my back which relieves it too. Then we had a reality show marathon. Sounds sad but we were into it (shhh). Saw episodes of The Biggest Loser and The Swan. Amazing transformations - but in the past, some of them changed into hoochie mommas! Haha!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cin, that was so funny I laughed my a*s off...Your little Milli Vanilli comment....LOL...Momo

5:50 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Yeah Mo, I would've forgiven her about the lip-synching snafu which was no biggie but then she had to lie about it =P. Not sure which was worse, saying her band played the wrong song, the drummer pressed the wrong button, dancing the hoe down, acid reflux, or that she never lip-synched in her life.

9:52 AM


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